Stay curious - Be yourself

Meet Henrietta Jane Garnham, photographer and model, by British parents raised in France. Currently living and working in London she describes her style as ‘Comfy with a twist’, being drawn to oversized, androgynous and cosy pieces.

France to UK – How did you end up in London? Very randomly actually. Once I completed my first degree in France, I was bored and needed a change. I instantly fell in love with the city and never left.

The V & A and South Kensington With family already
residing in the capital, Henrietta settled in South Kensington,
and started working at the V & A museum. – I then spent
a lot of time in the museum and its surroundings,
learning and hanging out with the growing French community there.

Henrietta’s top tips for London:
– Make the most of this rich and buzzing city by staying curious and exploring.
– Be yourself, and don’t take any nonsense from others.
– Express yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out..